Square and Shopseen

Seamlessly move products across all sales channels—including Square.

Sell more, everywhere.

Want to add the products in your online store to your Square Item Library? Want all your sales channels updated as soon as a customer swipes their credit card in person? With Shopseen and Square, you can create listings, push items to any sales channel, share with potential customers, and fulfill your orders, from one simple platform.

Splash stores

Sell Everywhere

Push your listings to everywhere you sell, whether it's Square or your online store.

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Share Everywhere

Easily post products to your social channels - even schedule them in advance.

Instagram icon

Sell on Instagram

Want your Instagram followers to be able to buy from their phone? Now they can, and Shopseen syncs it with your other stores.

Sync Inventory

Anytime something sells, Shopseen updates quantities for those products on all your stores.


Get those products out the door! Buy and print shipping labels directly from Shopseen and slap them on your orders.


Reach out to your new customers or regular customers with emails about new products and promotions.